Sendekem provides best in class Investigations, Security Management, and Protective Services to the world’s leading companies, family offices and private organizations. We understand the needs and challenges your organization faces are unique when it comes to risk mitigation. A comprehensive approach to your safety and security requires a cadre of proven experts.  You need seasoned professionals from a variety of disciplines to understand the little-known nuances and help alleviate risks before they turn into incidents.

American owned, globally responsive, and client-centric, Sendekem employs prominent thought leaders with decades of experience to reveal, prioritize, and offer prevention-focused solutions to identify and abate risks. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a caring team of experts just a phone call away.



Sendekem Investigations combine cutting edge technology with the latest techniques to deliver timely, verified, and clear answers. From employment background screening to confidential internal investigations, Sendekem’s measured, appropriate and straightforward approach provides information you can count on.

Security Management


Security Management is the heart of our services. Whether you need a comprehensive security program with an embedded security director or are looking to augment capabilities, Sendekem provides uncomplicated answers to your most critical issues.

Protective Services


In the world of Protective Services, it is all about experience. When lives are on the line, you need to know you are supported by the most skilled veteran protective officers available.

Sendekem recruits from the most elite special operations, law enforcement and government agencies such as the United States Secret Service and U.S. Navy SEAL Teams



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To learn more about Sendekem’s suite of services, please call or write to us. We look forward to working with you. 

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