Mitigating Risks. 

Social Media has become a prevalent part of our daily lives, we perceive and experience it continuously. Sendekem considers your online presence, security and protection to be one of our top priorities. We understand and appreciate the importance of fore-knowledge in identifying and addressing risks before they can occur.

The Sendekem Social Media Monitoring Service (SMMS) helps you to stay ahead of potential security issues by offering you a comprehensive solution to identify, monitor and mitigate risks. Specially tailored for your individual and corporate needs, the SMMS integrates seamlessly into your culture and all other Sendekem services.

Our approach to Social Media Monitoring is scalable and comprehensive. We work with you to create a package that is specially designed to fit your budgetary, infrastructure and information needs. In a fast moving world, access to timely information is critical.

The Sendekem SMMS sets itself apart with real-time criminal investigators reviewing and interpreting data as it happens, giving your organization an edge in maintaining security, initiating investigations and keeping key players in your company informed.



Our Services include


Experienced Analysts

  • Specialized Investigative Training
  • Criminal Investigation Experience
  • Law Enforcement Backgrounds


Advanced Background Searches

  • Federal, State and Local Criminal Databases
  • Civil, Upper and Lower Division Court Records
  • Federal Bankruptcy Databases
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • International Searches
  • Retail Theft Databases
  • Driving Records


Scalable and Comprehensive

  • Customized product
  • Designed to fit your organization’s budgetary, infrastructure and information needs.


Timely and Accurate reporting

  • Rapid Response Times
  • Up to the minute Information Sourcing
  • Team Approach
  • Special Bulletins


Comprehensive Desktop Investigation

  • Social Media Searches
  • Identification of Key Individuals and Businesses
  • Verification of provided Information
  • Filtering of Suspected and Known-to-be-true facts
  • Scalable Investigations
  • Follow-on Services


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