An Environment of Confidence

Sendekem Group International recognizes that Workplace Violence affects businesses in every sector and many organizations may not be prepared to adequately handle a violent incident.

Our experts will review and enhance your current capabilities and support you in developing a prevention program that promotes Workplace Stability.

We are uniquely positioned to offer the diverse resources necessary to prepare our clients and protect their assets. Surpassing Department of Homeland Security benchmarks, we encourage an environment of confidence as opposed to fear. Let us help you create that message.


Matilda Murphy

Product Management

Amelia Malone


Our Services include:

Workplace Stability Needs Assessment

Key Functions Analysis / Critical Area Development / Customizable Solutions / Threat Management Strategies

Expert Threat Assessment

Customized Consultation / Existing Policy Enhancement / Intervention Strategies / Background Checks and Situational Intelligence Reports

Active Shooter Planning

Preparedness Guidelines / Employee Situational Awareness Training / Emergency Plan Review / Continuity Planning


Employee Training

Company-wide Awareness Programs / Legal Do’s and Don’ts.

Robbery Suppression

Visible Threat Deterrence / Prevention Based Strategies / K-9 Units / Employee Training

Run, Hide, Fight, PLUS

Confidence Building / Survivability / Overcoming Physiological Responses


Other Related Services

An essential program to every organization, Sendekem’s Run, Hide, Fight, PLUS™ program provides the insight and tools needed to build confidence and create situational awareness.

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